Links to modest patterns and dress stores

One needs places to go to find feminine and modest clothes.  Where I live rarely does one find something modest and feminine at Walmart which mostly what we in the suburbs have to shop at.

Here is a Catholic shop with lovely long skirts

Ready Made Modest Clothes for Ladies
Ok, I'm British Orthodox and I follow the Mary-Like Dressing guidelines.  So some of the fashions in some stores listed would not work for me.  So every lady has to know her own level of modesty and choose like that.  Very few churches even discuss modesty at all except maybe the Amish and some Mennonites.  In Catholic churches, I've seen ladies with short shorts so wide and hi one can see everything and blouses like bras going to Mass so one has to use their own prayers, Bible etc. to determine what they feel is right.  So look at the links and choose what works for you.
They have all kinds of things from skirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses.

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