Churches Open to Ladies Dressing Modest and Feminine

This is a list of churches that are okay with ladies dressing modest and feminine and they also allow ladies to use covers and/or veils.

What I mean by okay is that there you will not be hassled by the priest or pastors about how you are dressing.  These are churches where the members are not also going to hassle you for dressing modest and feminine or using a cover and/or veil.  If you know of a church that is open to ladies dressing modest and feminine and covering let me know.  I will post the information here.  Please send name of church, address, phone number, email if have, web site if have, and the type of church.  All churches welcome here.

Saint Philip Neri Holy Catholic Church Western Rite

P.O. Box 843
Belen NM 87002
A British Orthodox Church

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