About Candle in the Window

Let's start out with some definitions for a clearer comprehension.

Definition of Haven: A place of refuge: sanctuary.

Definition of Ministry: The act of serving or the act of attending to the needs of others.

The definitions come from the Office Edition Webster's 11 New Riverside Dictionary

     Why I'm I starting with definitions?  Because there appears to me to be a lot of miss information.  People also have their own definitions and understandings which may not be mine and will color "Candle in the Window" in a light that is not what I intended the haven to be.

     I had originally wanted to call "Candle in the Window" a modesty ministry but decided  not to because people were behaving like the word ministry meant to compile or force people to do something they didn't want to do and that is definitely "NOT" what "Candle in the Window" is about.

     Besides, anyone with that understanding is "Silly".  I simply do not have that kind of power.

    What I am hoping to do with "Candle in the Window"  is to educate ladies with information on why some Christian ladies believe in dressing modest and feminine and even having a head cover of some sort.

     I am hoping to provide some history to show how in the past women gave up pagan ways of being and dressing to become modest and feminine dressing females.

     I might even be able to provide history on why women the last hundred years decided to not dress modest and feminine.

     I hope to be a ressource for ladies who want to dress modest, feminine and maybe cover.  Almost none of the women in my state ever dress modest or feminine and it appears that there are not many resources around.  Where I live the Walmart almost never has any dresses of any kind.  There also aren't under things like slips too.  I had a lady once ask me about finding a slip.  She had found a pretty skirt in an antique shop and felt it was a little too see through and wanted something to make it less transparent.  I suggested she purchase a slip to put under her skirt to make it more opaque,  I also gave her a few links for online stores that carried slips.  Also, many ladies now days don't have any idea what modesty is or what it is to be feminine.  I hope to provide a few guidelines to give women some sort of an idea.

     One has to realize that long time ago women may have dressed feminine and more modest than now days, but they didn't have much choice in the type of dress they wore.  Often times the style of dress was dictated by the queens of the day, or the ladies of high class.  And not all of the ladies clothes was modest by not showing parts of the body that should only be shown to the husband or modest in not being ostentatious.  Some women's dress in the past had as much as 40 lbs of fabric in the skirt.  Also, during the past women did things that were very unhealthy just to be fashionable.  Like putting on too tight corsets or putting on corsets that caused women's backs to be pushed into unhealthy angles.

     So right now because dresses, skirts, modest blouses, jumpers, etc. are not the fashion. One can simply choose the style that suits her the best.

     So, welcome to any ladies interested in being a modest feminine Christian by any means and God bless you all.
A Modest modern Jumper from A Gathering of Goods

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