Saturday, July 28, 2018

Ickythecat an Etsy store with wonderful antique books and homemaking information

I'm always looking for things to improve my homemaking.  And so I ran into this shop with all kinds of patterns and books etc.  She has a section called almost free where items are at 23 cents each.  Now Etsy will not let you check out with only 23 cents so you have to purchase enough to get 1 dollars worth before you can check out.  Here is the link if you are interested in checking this site out. 

One of the Gems I got was a 1887 book called " 5000 Gems for the Household"   There are a lot of very useful information that we modern home keepers have lost over time.  There are also items mentioned that I don't think we have any more and also be careful because back in the 1800's they used some items and ingredients that back then they didn't know was harmful and now days we know it is harmful.  So use wisdom when utilizing these antique books. 

I also got a really pretty knit dress pattern of the 1920's, and many other crochet, sewing, etc. books and patterns.  Check it out.  I think you will at least find it fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It Just Isn't Safe to Ride in a Skirt

Actually, she is being funny.  She makes modern riding skirts and rides horses in skirts all the time.  She prefers them to split skirts.  It is a must read if you want to ride horses modestly and quite pretty too. 

"*A word of explanation: I was recently asked to write an article about riding safely in skirts. This is the result.  I hope it is encouraging!

     We girls were out with Daddy for our annual Christmas shopping trip - which is really just a nice opportunity to go out for the day with him since we don't usually buy much. We headed into Barnes & Noble to get some coffee and stood near the front door, enjoying our special treat, when an older, sloppily-dressed lady came up to us. "I just wanted to say that I like the way your girls dress," she began in a forceful tone. She looked from Daddy to each of us.
     "Well, thank you," Daddy said.
     "I don't dress that way because I ride horses and it just ain't safe to ride in a skirt, but I like the way you dress."
     All my sisters - except Anna Frances, who was distracted - looked at me. I smiled and said, "Actually, I have horses too and ride in a skirt all the time."
     "Well, you can do that, but I ain't gonna be caught dead in a skirt! It ain't safe!" she said.

     This lady held to a common misconception. All of us who wear skirts have probably heard it at some point or other and many ladies who prefer to dress modestly feel that wearing skirts or dresses would restrict them from riding. This simply is not true, though. Riding in a skirt can be done safely - but it does take a certain amount of thought and preparation. For the purpose of this article, explaining how to ride safely in a skirt, I'm going to skip all the wonderful reasons to wear skirts. Those of you who are reading this are probably already familiar with these reasons and the Biblical basis for them.

     I have been riding in skirts for eight years or so and have never had a skirt-related accident yet. Not to say I never will have one, but I haven't to date. I have also done a lot of other things in skirts, including climbing trees (a lot), swimming, hiking, bicycle riding, climbing rocks, canoeing, dog training, and working around the house and farm. "