Monday, November 27, 2017

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Hello Ladies,

I think ministries are important for Christian ladies.  It allows us to think about someone else besides ourselves.  I especially want to start this ministry for the woman's shelter in Belen.  Many of these ladies have fallen on hard times.  The husband has left or they just lost a job and couldn't get another one soon enough before they lost their home or apartment.  I think it is wonderful that Daughters of YAHWEH Women's Ministries have a woman's home called "GOD's Home- House of Second Chances.  This is the place that I am sending my prayer shawls.  These women really need a piece of love like a shawl to let them know they are still valued as they work hard to get on their feet again.

Here is what they say on their brochure.  God has placed a vision on our hearts to open up a home for women who need help.  God has called us to be His hands and feet to extend help to those in need.  We the Daughters of Yahweh submit ourselves to the calling.  In this home we want to be able to provide a safe place for women to come and gain a relationship with God and gain Confidence in everyday living.  We serve a God of second chances.  He has given my sister's and me a second chance at life and we want to be able to extend that to other women.  We want to give hope to the hopeless.  Our plan is to allow the women God sends to us a 30- 60 day stay to help them get back on their feet.  We will help them with their career goals, resumes, and applying for jobs in hope of job placement.  We would provide their everyday necessities such as food, hygiene products, and a place to wash their clothing.  While in the home they would have to attend Church, Bible study, and daily devotions/prayer.  These women would have to be committed and want to change their lives for the better.  To ensure this they will have to sign a written contract.  If they do not show progress they will have to leave the home. 

Contact Jessica Garcia at 505-504-3414 or Nicole Mirabal at 505-620-2283

Now some information on learning how to crochet or knit so you can make some of these wonderful shawls.  The best place if you do not live in Valencia County New Mexico area is to go to Craftsy.  or you tube  You can then pay for a class on Craftsy which have wonderful teachers and the camera is excellent,  you tube has ladies putting up free classes, but they aren't always so good.  You can also go to the library and find whatever knitting and crochet books they have our you can contact me and we could arrange to have me personally teach you for free in the Valencia County New Mexico area.

One can get wonderful patterns for free online at or

Also there is a

The original prayer shawl pattern or you can also get the book - "The Crocheted Prayer Shawl Companion or

The New Prayer Shawl Companion: 35 Knitted Patterns to Embrace Inspire & Celebrate Life.  If you need any help with any thing with the ministry, please send me an email and I will help you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Importance of Underpinnings


  We are very fortunate as we don't live during the Victorian Age.  I not only liked to study anthropology while I was at the University but I also took the History of Costume.  Ladies during the Victorian Age in England (at least the wealthy ones) wore lots of clothing.  They wore underpants that were open in the crotch.  They wore a chemise and over that the corset.  hey then put a corset cover over the corset (corsets were costly and had to be protected from dirt and perspiration).  Then they would put on petticoat's or a cage and petticoats.  That's a lot of clothes to put on and they hadn't even gotten to the dress yet or bodice and skirts.  I have read that fully dressed women often had at least 40 pounds of fabric hanging off their hips.  Also, they wanted a tiny waist.  So they started young girls off with corsets- pulling the waist smaller and smaller.  I have read that most ladies during that time had 14 inch waist. 
     Fortunately we ladies of today do not have to ruin our health crushing our waist into a tiny size.  We also don't have to wear 40 pounds worth of fabric in our skirts.  (Honestly, I have no idea how the ladies stood the heat or how they scrubbed floors or ran after feisty children.)
     IN do still need some sort of underpinnings.  I have studied about how our underwear (panties ) got smaller and smaller and skimpy.  Which doesn't supply much coverage to our private parts.  I think bloomers are really nice to have under a skirt.  A bloomer in broad cloth for Summer and flannel for Winter in cold places.  It really is a good answer for those embarrassing moments when the wind blows your dress up or you fall down for some reason.  You will still be decent as everything will be well covered.
     Another useful article of under clothing is the slip.  I like ones that have wide straps and neck lines.  The neck lines have to be low enough to not be seen above my dress neck line but high enough to provide adequate coverage.  There is even an antique slip pattern with short sleeves which works well if the dress has sheer sleeves.  It also is useful to have half slips and camisoles. I find these useful when I go to the doctor because they often need to raise my blouse to hear my heart.
     Where pinnings make even a reasonably solid fabric definitely not see through.  You will be surprised how see through fabric can get when the sun light shines through it.  So slips help to make the dress opaque.  Slips also help dresses to hang over the body better and smoother.    
     One should wear a well fitting bra.  However, some ladies aren't able to wear a bra due to health issues.  Then it is best to wear a modesty vest so people will not see your nipples and dark portion of your bust through your out side clothes.  
     Also it is important to choose a bra that isn't designed to make a lady super sexy like the bullet bra, or super padded push up bras that are designed to make ones bust to look super large and seductive.
     Now days, (well at least where I live) it is difficult to find slips and bloomers.
     So I will list where one can find slips, half slips, camisoles and bloomers.  It is also nice to sew them yourself.  A nice full slip cost me $6.oo to sew with new fabric.  (I purchase fabric from Walmart).  
     You also probably wonder how many of each item do you need.  I like to have seven of each kind of underpinnings but I am old and sick so I can not get to washing every single day.  If you are able to wash and dry the items daily, then two of each item will be enough.

If you have any questions, send me an email.  I'll be more than happy to help.  

For sewers: Candle on the Hill-  sewing patterns for slips, bloomers, half slips 
                   Common Sense Patterns -Petti blouses, slips, bloomers, modesty vest
                   Friends Patterns - slips, modesty vest, bloomers
                   Kings Daughters - half slip, bloomers, modesty vest
For purchase Mary My Way - full slips
                     Gehman's full slips and half slips
                     Lilies of the Field - camisole, full slips, half slips, 

These are just a few stores.  I will add more links later.  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

About the Effects Media Has on the American Population

     When I was at University, I took extra classes in anthropology.  I was very interested in a research the professor presented to us.  He told us that a society can have their entire culture changed by a television set.  He said that experiments have been done where a television with specific programs were were shown to the people and then after a few months almost all of the population stopped dressing and behaving the way they used to.
     You are probably asking me what does this have to do with America.  Well one very good example is Clark Gable in the movie "It Happened One Night."  In this 1934 movie, in a scene where he undresses, the under shirt was abandoned and he was filmed bare chested.  As a result it became cool for men to go bare chested, which resulted in a large drop in undershirt sales around the country.  The sales dropped so much that some underwear manufactures sued Columbia Picture Studio.
     So you see how much T.V. affects  the population.  So imagine what present day T.V. and other media does to our culture.  The T.V. and other media are not sending a biblical message.  There is a strong sex message in almost all T.V. and other media.  Even Christian women are bombarded with the message of feminism and lewdness.  Notice how the icons of our culture are the Kardashians, and other popular women.  These women teach us by example to wear see through over tight leggings for example.  I've seen ladies wear them so tight that the seams go into the cracks of their privates. Not only is the modern American media teaching us ladies to dress lewd and masculine but also teaching us that children, and the home is stupid.  Now days women are afraid to be a house wife and mothers.  Everything is about her and her career.  I've known Christian ladies that even got operations so they would never have children, so they can spend their whole lives at the career.
     We need real Christian movie makers who show a real Christian reality that Christ would have us live.

Monday, November 6, 2017

A Free Head Cover pattern I designed myself

Free Patterns

Hello Ladies,
I'm hoping to get up some free patterns soon to help ladies with modest and simple skirts, covers, etc.

The First Free Pattern - A Chapel Veil

Round Crocheted
Chapel Veil with Filet
Cross Design
Round Crocheted Chapel Veil With Filet Cross Design
By Ripsimeh Christian
Filet Crochet
Filet is a type of crochet which consists of blocks and spaces, so arranged as to
produce an interesting design. All filet designs are worked from a chart of squares.
The dark squares represent blocks and the light squares represent spaces. Unless
otherwise instructed in the directions, allow four double crochets (4 dc) for the first
block and three double crochets (3 dc) for each additional block. For instance, three
blocks require ten double crochets (10 dc)
To make a row of spaces, first work a foundation chain. Then, make double crochet
(dc) in 8th chain (ch) from hook, * chain (ch) 2, skip 2 chain (ch), double crochet (dc) in
next chain (ch). Repeat from * to end of chain (ch). Chain (ch) 5 to thurn at the end of
the row.
When there are several rows of spaces to be made, each double crochet is worked
directly over double crochet of previous row and same number of chains is made
between double crochets.
To decrease spaces or blocks. On a space slip stitch (sl st) 3 stitches and dc in next
stitch and continue following your patterns chart. Same thing on a block except
instead of slip stitching across chains you are doing 3 slip stitches (sl sts) across
double crochets (dc). At the end of a row just stop at the last block or space and Chain
five and turn or end off as per your chart.
I revised this veil pattern to make it easy even for the beginner crocheter. Decreasing
in filet crochet is easy as one only needs to know how to slip stitch to reach the second
square and to stop before the last square.
Veil Pattern
one ball of # 10 crochet cotton
One American size 6 steel crochet hook
A sewing needle to weave in ends
Ch 80, dc in eigth ch and follow chart starting at the arrow. You will be working the
upper portion of the chapel veil. Cut off thread about 4 inches long and knot.
Copyright 2012 Ripsimeh Christian aka Amy Frank.Ripsimeh patterns are protected by copyright. You may
not rewrite, redistribute, or resell the patterns in any form. You may use the pattern to make items for personal
use, as gifts, or for charity. You may not sell the items made from the patterns without written permission.
The second half of the veil:
With the right side facing turn the veil around so bottom half is at the top.
Attach thread in top of second dc and ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) continue by following the
chart until the chart is finished. Cut off thread about 4 inches and knot. Weave all
thread ends into the work and cut ends close to the work.
Rounding off the veil:
Attach thread at arrow on chart. Sl st in that points ch. Ch 5 sl st in point 2, ch 5 sl st
in point 3, ch 4 sl st in point 4, ch 4 sl st in point 5, ch 4 sl st in point 6, ch 5 sl st in
point 7, ch 5 sl st in point 7, ch 5 sl st in point 8, ch 5 sl st in point 9, sc in the sides of 2
ch 1 dc, 2 ch 1 dc, 2 ch 1 dc ( 9 sc ), ch 5 sl st in point 10, ch 5 sl st in point 11, ch 5 sl
st in point 12, ch 4 sl st in point 13, ch 4 sl st in point 14, ch 4 sl st in point 15, ch 5 sl st
in point 16, ch 5 sl st in point 17, sc in 2 ch, sc in dc, sc in 2 ch, sc in 4 dc, sc in 2 ch,
sc in 1 dc, sc in 2 ch, sc in 2 dc (14 sc) ch 5 sl st in point 18, ch 5 sl st in point 19, ch 4
sl st in point 20, ch 4 sl st in point 21, ch 4 sl st in point 22, ch 5 sl st in point 23, ch 5 sl
st in point 24, ch 5 sl st in point 25, sc in next 2 ch, sc in dc, sc in 2 ch, sc in dc, sc in
next 3 ch, (9 sc), ch 5 sl st in point 26, ch 5 sl st in point 27, ch 5 sl st in point 28, ch 4
sl st in point 29, ch 4 sl st in point 30, ch 4 sl st in point 31, ch 5 sl st in point 32, ch 5 sl
st in point 33, sc in 2 ch, sc in 10 dc, sc in 2 ch, sc in dc.
Next Round:
Sc in each ch and in each sc until at the beginning and then sl st in the first beginning
Ruffle edging:
Ch 5, in same stitch and then make (1dc, 2 ch, 1 dc) *skip 5 sc and make (1 dc, 2 ch, 1
dc, 2 ch, 1 dc, 2 ch, 1 dc, 2 ch, 1 dc, 2 ch, 1 dc) in the next sc, repeat from * until the
beginning and make (1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc, ch 2) note: may not be 5 sc between
the last ruffle and the ending half ruffle.
Sl st in 3rd ch.
Finish off loose threads.
Wonderful!! You have a new Chapel veil/ Cap
Look at my blog to learn how to keep the veil on your head
Copyright 2012 Ripsimeh Christian aka Amy Frank.Ripsimeh patterns are protected by copyright. You may not
rewrite, redistribute, or resell the patterns in any form. You may use the pattern to make items for personal use,
as gifts, or for charity. You may not sell the items made from the patterns without written permission.