Monday, October 30, 2017

Dainty Jewells - A modest ladies dress shop online

While surfing the net I ran into this really nice store.  They seem to have nothing with hemlines higher than below knee and sleeves at least to the elbow.  They also have wonderful swim dresses.  I had to include them because finding modest clothing can really be challenging.  They also have swim dresses and under shorts for the swim dresses.  It is nearly impossible to find feminine, modest swimwear.  I hope you will enjoy clicking the link and learning about his lovely store.  Dainty Jewell

Words From My Doctor


  I'm not going to tell you who the doctor is, because who he is isn't as important as what he said.
     After treating me with medicines for a lung infection, he came back to speak to my husband and I.  He was upset that women would come to his clinic wearing skirts so short that it just barely covered her vagina if she stood perfectly still.  When the nurse came to take the ladies temperature, weight etc.  The lady wanted to know if her tits were hanging out enough.  She had a blouse with so low a neckline that it just covered the dark part of her breast.  He was upset because when when he got to the examination room the woman opened her legs wide to show off her whole vagina.  She wore no under clothes.
     He also told us that the public schools have started telling all of his grand children that not being homosexual was just wrong.  His grand children were taught that 50% of all students were homosexual.  They told them that this was a good thing because homosexuality was superior to a heterosexual life style because no one had to worry about the evil of having children with a homosexual lifestyle.
     He then told me that one of his girl relations married a woman,  The rest of the relations told him "It's great!!  " "It's the thing to do".  He told me that after one generation of 50% being homosexual and having not children the human race would stop existing.
        Well I told him simply that the average American has no idea about authentic Christian beliefs.  I told him the average American didn't really know who Jesus is.
     I wasn't raised Christian.  I was raised Atheist and I never had an idea about Christ because all the Christians around me knew about as much as I did.  I believe this is the main reason the church is failing and dwindling in numbers.
     The doctor was upset about the singers and movie stars who declare all the time that they are the best Christians and all should follow them.  Follow them putting on movies, dressing lewdly, sleeping around with any and and anything.
     But everyone has to understand something very important.  These ladies believe that this is the Jesus way.  They hear it from pastors and priest from almost all churches except the most conservative Mennonites and Old Order Amish and a few others. 
     Unfortunately, these groups of people are not able to teach the world because they live very cloistered lives.
     The only way we will see a change in the greater American society is if we pray that the Holy Spirit reaches these women just as the Holy Spirit reached me.  So I am hoping that my readers would send me prayers that may be used by members of Candle in the Window to pray for the American women.
     The other important thing we need is to create a haven to support ladies who want to follow Jesus better.(It is not popular to be a modest lady in present day American society.  Many modest ladies get attacked by mainstream America.       We also need lessons for these ladies too.  So many ladies were so intent to be men that they don't know how to do anything in the home.  All these things need to be learned by today's American women.
     But I feel that with the blessings of God the Father, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus, that this ministry can be successful.  I pray that my readers will help me to do God's well.