Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Benedict's option


A very important article on how to live in these dark decaying times.  I urge all who want to save themselves and anyone else in need to read this article.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another booklet from Sisters-in-Skirts

Now I know that most ladies coming to my site are not Seventh Day Adventist.  But this site has a lot of history and bible in it.  And it makes very good cases.  I'm not Seventh Day Adventist, I am Orthodox British and I find these booklets to tell a lot of truth of what is going on in today's world.  So even if you are not my church or the one in these booklets, I hope you will check it out and learn what is good in them.  It is unfortunate that today we have thousands of different Christian groups.  Church was never meant to be that way.  There was only supposed to be one christian church, but the devil has divided us and has also made most Christians against each other.  Here you will be respected.  You get to keep the Christian church you feel comfortable in and no one here will try to make you change. God bless and enjoy this interesting book on why women started wearing pants.

She Wears the Pants

This article was written by a lady who really did a lot of research.  Her site is called Sisters in Skirts and she explains how we ladies actually ended up wearing pants in the first place and weather or not it is really a good idea for us to continue to wear pants.  This is a really long research 188 pages I think and so I can not put the whole  article on my site but you can click on the link and read it for yourself or down load it or print it off to learn for yourself.  http://www.sistersinskirts.com/PDF/She-Wears-the-Pants.pdf

I'm thinking to make this a booklet that my students should read.  It really does effect femininity.  Take a look at this girl wearing culottes which now days lots of ladies call skirts.  See the difference even wide baggy pants make in the way this little girl behaves.

So clothes can let ladies behave in a not so feminine way.  So think about it when you choose clothing.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A wonderful poem I got from http://thecottonapron.blogspot.com

Do you ever feel like there’s just too much to do and that you can’t get it all done?  Do you feel like you don’t have enough time for the things that really count?  I love this poem.  It thrills me at the end, as so many of Miss Flint’s poems do.  She had such a way with words and such an order to her thoughts. Thank God for preserving these for us!  This one really helps us to re-adjust our perspective and consider the things that are truly needful.

Martha and Mary

Martha was busy and hurried, 
Serving the friend divine, 
Cleansing the cups and platters, 
Bringing the bread and wine; 
But Martha was careful and anxious 
Fretted in thought and in word.

She had no time to be sitting 
While she was serving the Lord, 
For Martha was "cumbered with serving, 
Martha was "troubled" with "things"--- 
Those that would pass with the using--- 
She was forgetting her wings.

Mary was quiet and peaceful, 
Learning to love and to live. 
Mary was hearing His precepts, 
Mary was letting Him give--- 
Give of the riches eternal, 
Treasures of mind and of heart; 
Learning the mind of the Master, 
Choosing the better part.

Do we ever labor at serving 
Till voices grow fretful and shrill, 
Forgetting how to be loving, 
Forgetting how to be still? 
Do we strive for "things" in possession, 
And toil for the perishing meat, 
Neglecting the one thing needful--- 
Sitting at Jesus' feet?

Service is good when he asks it, 
Labor is right in it's place, 
But there is one thing better, 
Looking up in his face; 
There is so much he can tell us, 
Truths that are precious and deep; 
This is the place where he wants us, 
These are the things we can keep.

Annie Johnson Flint

Luke 10:41 And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: 42 But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.http://thecottonapron.blogspot.com

Why Women Are Mean to Other Women


This is a really good article.  Now I think differently as to why women are mean to each other because women are really mean towards me and I'm disabled, dress modest using Mary-like dressing guidelines, and I have practically no money, plus, I'm a really ugly, old woman.  So what she is talking about doesn't really make since to me.  But maybe the real reason is that we ladies are not following God's plan.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I've been very ill

I'm sorry ladies but I've been very ill and so it will be a bit of time before I write again.

Thursday, March 2, 2017



This is a new site I just found today.  The husband and wife team are creating a site for all modest ladies no matter the faith or none faith.  I find this commendable with all the hatred in the world it is truly refreshing to find anyone wanting to create peace in the world. She sales dresses, skirts, tops and swim wear.  Many of her fashions are things I could wear with my Mary-like dressing guidelines.  She does have pants which I never wear because I don't believe in them for women but most of her items are skirts and dresses.  Most look like they are at least mid calf and longer.  She even has swim dresses which are really hard to find.  I like mine to be mid-calf and then cover the pants part as underwear but they are truly modest.  I love the little cap.  I don't have to totally cover my hair but the cap has a cute little visor that can protect ones face from the sun and they are really attractive.  Her prices for skirts and dresses  run from about $70.00 and up.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the price of the swim dresses.  She was all out of course because modest swim suits are difficult indeed to find.  So click on the link above and happy shopping.
The beautiful swim dress.



I will be placing links to places where ladies can get modest attire from time to time.  My place to really find a large list is http://modestchristian.blogspot.com   This store has a lot of things for a lady that wants to me modest in dress.  They have skirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses.  If one is following Mary-like dress then some of the styles will be too tight and they have some sweaters, blouses and tops that are sleeveless.  Mary-like dressing requires at least some sleeve.  They also have personal shoppers.  I tried to phone them this morning and no one answered so I'll just put the number down here so you can phone your self.  CALL: 201-888-5879.  I think this is just great because when I was first starting to dress modest I had no idea how to go about it and also one can phone and just have help with matching stuff.  Here's the combos I like.  The prices look reasonable too.  I saw skirts ranging from $40.00 and up and same for the blouses.  Dresses are about  $50.00 up.  I ENCOURAGE my readers to check them out.  Happy shopping.