Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Letter to Bishop Baker - Asking to make Rosie Servant of God

Dear Bishop Baker,
     I am writing to ask you to bring Mrs. Rosie Gil to the status of Servant of God.  I am a mother of one son.  I struggled for several years caring for my son’s disabled father and homeschooling him after work.  Working was hard but I did it because my husband became brain injured and paralyzed through a car accident.  I hated working because I was forced to wear men’s clothes and was constantly asked to go out drinking after work.  I was made fun of every time I refused.  They would say, “Why are you going home to care for your sick husband and son.  “Soon, I too, became disabled from a stroke.  It was then that I was able to read Bible more and pray more.  I became convinced that a woman’s true vocation was to dress modest and feminine and to care for husband and children.  I got so abused by the people in my community that I truly felt alone.  Several years later my son wanted a new father.  I tried the regular ways of internet dating and dating services.  I was told that no one would want me because I didn’t dress sexy and didn’t have a lot of money.  Will God did bring me a good Christian Catholic man.  It was then that I realized there was no model for ladies in our present age to show them that Holy Motherhood was possible.  So I wanted to teach other ladies how to be feminine mothers.  I honestly had to pray a lot because there was no such book and God sent me to a website “Christian Family Outreach.com.  Gwen told me about her sister-in-law, Rosie and then I was able to get the book about Rosie.  Now I have a book to share with other ladies and Rose has given me confidence and now day’s ladies walk up to me saying.  I look good and they want to know how I got that way.
     This is why I gently ask you to bring Rosie’s life to our world.  I relate to Rosie because she is a Holy Mother for the 22nd century.  Rosie’s life is important because we don’t have examples today of how to be a Holy Mother ourselves.  She has succeeded as a feminine mother to her children and a helpmeet to her husband while most other ladies are chasing careers outside the home, having abortions, and not marrying.  Rosie showed that family and motherhood were more important and fulfilling than internet, cell phones, sexy clothes, being a man while one is a woman, and all the other distractions of life.  Rosie shows through her life that a woman can have a large family today.  She shows that we can reach sanctity by living out our motherhood with true joy and devotion.
     Because of her life and the book her daughter wrote about her, I have made her the patron of my “Candle in the Window”  http://candlewindow.blogspot.com site where I hope to instruct ladies to be helmeet to their husbands and mother’s to their children.  Mother’s like Rose Gil.  Thank you for your time.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Marillas Apparel - beautiful modest and feminine clothes for Women


This lady makes clothes to order and the prices are so cheap.  Unfortunately not cheap enough with my husbands income but maybe he will get me the denim skirt or the beautiful cape.

I plan on making a page of links where ladies can find the modest clothing they have been learning about in the womenhood classes that I will be doing soon.  I had a heart attack and just got over heart surgery so as soon as I can I will start the classes.  In the mean while enjoy this ladies wonderful shop.